Jasper (Cedar) | Solid Cedar Wood Casket


The Titan Jasper Cedar Wood Casket combines the versatility, durability, and pleasant and recognizable scent of solid cedar wood with the highest end design and aesthetics, for a natural yet distinguished look and feel. We use superior aesthetics and apply a natural stain to the coffin for a rustic appearance.

This handmade solid cedar coffin comes fully assembled and ready for use.


  • Solid Cedar Wood Casket. Cedar wood is known for being an exceedingly durable and versatile wood, with a pleasant and recognizable scent. The cedar casket is an attractive light color with a prominent grain and a natural finish.
  • Distinctive Shell Design. Every component of this casket is carefully handcrafted. The cedar wood takes on a natural, aesthetic feel, contributing to premium quality on this build.
  • Swing Bars for Easy Transport. Cedar can be heavy. We provide convenience and style by adding swing bars for easy transport.
  • Crepe Interior. The rosetan crepe fabric interior is soft to the touch, and lightly gathered to create texture and dimension.
  • Adjustable Bed. Both the head and foot section of the bed can be adjusted.


Size (interior): 79″L x 24″W x 14″H

Size (exterior): 83″L x 28″W x 23″H

Shell: Solid Cedar Hardwood

Lid Design: Half Couch (Split Lid)

Weight 220 kg
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