Era Series | Light Blue Stainless Steel Casket with Light Blue Interior


THE ULTIMATE IN LUXURY. We designed the Era Series to be the most fully featured, most luxurious steel casket in the industry. The Era casket is built of Stainless Steel, the strongest and most corrosive resistant steel grade, and includes a high end tufted head panel and throw. With its premium style and reinforced swingbar handles, the Era series coffin is designed to impress. This casket comes standard with a rubber gasket and locking mechanism.

The Era Series light blue stainless steel casket has no equal: it is the highest quality steel casket you can buy.


  • STAINLESS STEEL CASKET. Stainless Steel is extremely strong, highly resistant to corrosive and rusting, and has a luxurious look and feel.
  • BRUSHED HIGH GLOSS FINISH. We enhance the look at the steel with a brushed high gloss silver finish.
  • SCULPTED HARDWARE. The exterior of the casket and all metal hardware is beautifully detailed, providing a high level of functional aesthetics to the overall design.
  • REINFORCED SWINGBAR HANDLES. The reinforced swingbar handles pull up and away from the casket when in use, which creates a luxurious effect and allows for easy transport.
  • VELVET TUFTED INTERIOR. The Velvet interior of the casket is fully tufted and very soft to the touch.
  • RUBBER GASKET SEALER AND LOCK. This casket features a full rubber gasket and locking mechanism.
  • ADJUSTABLE BED. Both the head and foot end of the bed can be adjusted.


Size (interior): 79″L x 24″W x 14″H

Size (exterior): 83″L x 28″W x 23″H

Weight: 180 pounds

Steel Thickness: Stainless Steel

Lid Design: Half Couch (Split Lid) (Upgrade to a full couch steel casket here)

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