Paris Rose | White Steel Casket with Pink Interior


The Paris Rose is a strikingly beautiful steel casket with a feminine touch. This coffin is meticulously prepared with a high-gloss white finish, light pink interior and coral highlights, and is finished with a delicate triple rose embroidered head panel.  The Paris Rose comes standard with a rubber gasket and locking mechanism.

With its elegant design and sophisticated finishings, the Paris Rose casket is an elegant tribute for your loved one.


  • HIGH-GLOSS FINISH. We paint this steel casket with a shiny high gloss finish that creates a brilliant sheen.
  • SCULPTED HARDWARE. The metal hardware is sleek and refined, for a streamlined look.
  • REINFORCED SWINGBAR HARDWARE. The reinforced swingbar handles pull up and away from the casket when in use, which creates a luxurious effect and allows for easy transport.
  • CREPE INTERIOR. The light pink crepe fabric interior is soft to the touch, and is lightly gathered to create texture and dimension.
  • TRIPLE ROSE FLOWER HEAD PANEL AND IMAGERY. The Paris Rose comes standard with a triple rose embroidered head panel and complementary flower imagery on the hardware.
  • RUBBER GASKET SEALER AND LOCK. This casket features a full rubber gasket and locking mechanism.
  • ADJUSTABLE BED. Both the head and foot end of the bed can be adjusted.
  • OVERSIZE OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Click here to shop larger widths.


Size (interior): 79″L x 24″W x 14″H

Size (exterior): 83″L x 28″W x 23″H

Weight: 180 pounds

Steel Thickness: 20-gauge steel (Upgrade to 18-gauge steel casket here)

Lid Design: Half Couch (Split Lid) (Upgrade to a full couch steel casket here)

Weight 220 kg
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