Newton | Cherry Casket with Velvet Interior


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The Titan Newton casket with velvet interior is an expertly built casket, built from superior materials and finished with thoughtful design details. This gorgeous wood coffin features a spiral corners, beading at the base and lid, and a tufted velvet pillow and head panel. 

Choose between standard Poplar with a satin finish, or premium Solid Cherry with a gloss finish.

Why We Recommend This One: The Titan Newton offers two great options, each so you can choose a great-looking luxury casket at the ideal price point.

Key Features:

  • Solid Poplar or Cherry Wood. Solid Poplar wood is one of the most common hardwoods in the United States, known for its utility. Cherry wood is among the most prized furniture hardwood, renowned for its rich reddish hue.
  • Premium Design and Accent Beading. Every element of this deluxe casket has been intentionally planned, so that the skill and craftsmanship used to create it are evident from every angle.
  • Swingbars for Easy Transport. Solid wood can be heavy. We provide convenience and style by adding swing-bars for easy transport.
  • Velvet Interior. For an even more luxurious effect, the velvet interior of the casket features a tufted head pillow and head panel.
  • Adjustable Bed. Both the head and foot sections of the bed can be adjusted.



Size (interior): 77″L x22.75″W x 13.75″H

Size (exterior): 78″L x28.75″W x 14.75″H

Shell: Solid Poplar Wood

Lid Design: Half Couch (Split Lid)

Weight: 200 pounds

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